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Shianji SG-2000 3-in-1 Hydrotherapy Machine / Shianji SG-2000气泡超音波水疗仪

Published date: August 22, 2020


Shianji SG-2000 - The world first home spa machine with 3-in-1 feature - Ultrasonic, O3 Ozone anion and Far-infrared ray which Sauna, Jacuzzi and other traditional spa don't have.

Shianji SG-2000 - 世界上第一台集超音波,O3臭氧-负离子及远红外线三机一体的水疗仪.

Ultrasonic The main frame of SG-2000 high efficient air-bubble ultrasonic can output a maximum of 46 liters/sec, inject millions of powerful air-bubbles in a twinkling and produces natural ultrasonic energy due to the way the continuous air-bubbles rupture.

O3 Ozone-Anions SG-2000 O3 facility can output 46 liters/sec of air laden with O3 Anions, which can improve the air and water quality in the bath.

Far-Infrared Rays Grand Sun SG-2000 air-bubble ultrasonic facilities are equipped with a flexible mat with ceramic cells that can radiate the far-infrared ceramic energy to magnetize water quality and strengthen the effect of infiltrating thermal for more warmth.

超音波 - 这种水音波能量在水中震荡按摩使人体快速产生温热,对放松肌肉、活络筋骨、恢复体力等有很好的作用。

臭氧- SG-2000 OZONE设计以精密陶瓷高周波电弧法,产生电晕效用在空气中反应而成,OZONE纯净度高达95%,可促进人体组织氧的利用率,并增强细胞活力。

远红外线 - 地球上部分物质蕴藏着丰富的远红外线能量,有益人体健康,以能量提升转移技术,将无形变有形而制造出优良丰富的能量放射体气泡垫产品。

The SG-2000 air-bubble ultrasonic device can quickly penetrate thermal into bones and deep tissues and promotes blood circulation. According to expert's estimation, the 10 minutes of air-bubble massage SPA is equal to the effect of a professional massage for 1 hour, bathing in an air-bubble ultrasonic bath for 15 minutes is equal to the consumption of surplus energy of a 3 to 5 kilometer run. It also allows those of us with busy lives and who lack the time to exercise to achieve the effect of high quality exercise easily.

After you take the bath using SG-2000 with Moya bath essential oil and Moya bath salt, you will experience fatigue reduced, pain relief, body deep cleansed, detoxification, slimming and contouring.

The SG-2000 air-bubble ultrasonic hydrotherapy also provides the treatment of various health conditions and diseases, e.g. insomnia, high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, neck/shoulder pain, headache/migraine, constipation, fatigue, piles, obesity, diabetes(type II), flaking skin(eczema/psoriasis), gastric problem, traffic accidents, cold hands&cold feet and lack of appetite etc.


Specifications for SG-2000:
Dimension: L38 x W28 x H24 (cm)
Energy-Emitting Soft Mat(Far-Infrared Rays): L86.5 x W29 (cm)
Watts: 500W Ozone
Output: 0.05 - 0.06PPM
Maximum Output: 46Litres/Second
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Voltage: 110V/60Hz(USA)
Total Weight: 7Kg

额定功率: 500W
臭氧装置: 0.05 - 0.06PPM
外观尺寸:长38 x宽28 x高24(CM)
电压/功率: 220V/60Hz 电压/功率: 110V/50Hz (USA)
最高输出: 46升/秒
净重量: 7公斤

Moya essential oil, Moya bath salt and SG-200 new mat are available to sell as well.

Please call/Whatsapp or email for details.
Mobile/Whatsapp: +65 9010 6208
WeChat: baihuacom

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